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Sit back and think for a second, where would you be right now without Facebook? The majority of Facebook users rely on it to keep them up to date with everything that's happening in their friend's lives so that they don't have to ask all of the questions. It can be awkward asking your friend that you've got a crush on if they're single, so instead of embarrassing yourself you quickly hop over to their Facebook profile and look at their "About" tab.

This way you get an answer to your question without making yourself look like a fool and then you can plan your next move! When you start to realise that Facebook is the bible of the social life in the modern day, it's hard to believe that one day, far back in the past, people lived without all of this information readily available in the palm of their hand. Relationship statuses, what Jenny was doing last weekend, the pictures from last night's party. All of this is shared instantly and conveniently in front of you, allowing you to sit back and relive the party last night from the comfort of your own home, in your pyjamas with a cup of tea. So in this way wouldn't it be more interesting to know how to hack a facebook account?

As you start to build up your friendship list you become more and more drawn into the black hole that is Facebook. The fact that you can easily look at anything you want through Facebook eliminates the need for social interaction, of which studies have shown that many people suffer social anxiety directly in correlation with extensive Facebook use. Could this mean that people are starting to favour sitting inside at their desks talking to friends online rather than meeting them in person, or is it quite the opposite?

Hack facebook right now!

It's a lot easier to talk online than it is to do so face to face. Without the constant worry of how the person you're talking to is receiving what you've just said, why they're pulling the face that they are and the awkward pause between sentences, it's a lot more relaxing to talk to the attractive girl from school or the friend that you haven't seen in 5 years. You could argue that Facebook is helping a problem that is predominant amongst the younger generation, a constant fear of rejection and anxiety. By using Facebook in place of social interaction (initially), people can start to form friendships despite being shy and then carry them on in real life, in fact making it easier to being social in real life through the use of Facebook. As you can tell from this article, Facebook is more than just another website. It's become a second home to many, the source of trouble for others but often the social aspect of many lives. THe convenience of having all of that information in the palm of your hand is too tempting to ignore, and we all know what addiction can be like once it starts to set in!

How the software works!

Here are the methods that we use to hack

  • Spoofing the database
  • Stealthy backdoor attack
  • Passive data searching
  • Remote access root bruteforcing
  • Privilege forcing entrance
  • IPv4 Vulnerabilities
  • Remote access forcing
  • Hosting insecurity
  • Forcing IPs via spoofing
  • Abusing Domain Impersonation
  • Trying to hack into web applications

Attacks commited that worked so far

Methods that successfully worked

  • Abusing DNS via DOS for administrator data
  • Linux Server & Ubunto DNS Cache Attacks
  • Unix, Ubunto and Linux password forcing
  • Spoofing endpoints of communication tunnels
  • Impersonation of other Users- Hijacking kernel tokens
  • Attacking RDP via Windows XP, 2003 & Vista
  • Remote instalation of keylogging
  • Mining data information from tunneling protocols
  • Hijacking and bruteforcing SSL encrypted databases
  • Acessing wireless networks breaking their security
  • Trojan horse attacks via hidden logs
  • hack

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